Our Spreadable Salamis

'Nduja (3 oz)


Spice up your charcuterie game with our Nduja! This fiery spreadable salami is made with spicy Calabrian peppers, smoked paprika, and high-quality pork for a bold and intense flavor. Perfect...

Sobrasada (3 oz)


Our Sobrasada is a traditional Spanish-style spreadable sausage that's made with high-quality pork and a blend of sweet and spicy paprika. This soft and spreadable sausage has a rich and...

Porketta Spread (3 oz)


Our Porketta Spread is a delicious and savory spread that's perfect for adding flavor to any meal. Made with high-quality pork and seasoned with a blend of traditional spices, this...

Spreadables Starter Pack


'Ndjua 'Porketta 'Sobrasada 3 Varieties about soft, spreadable salami.