Spanish Chorizo (2 oz)

Spanish Chorizo (2 oz)

Our Spanish Chorizo is a lively, robust sausage made with premium cuts of pork and a unique blend of spices including smoked paprika, garlic, and oregano.

We believe in tradition - each batch of chorizo is handcrafted with traditional dry curing methods, delivering a complex flavor that's distinctly Spanish. In sourcing our pork, Underground Meats only works with local farms that raise their animals humanely and sustainably.

To season this charcuterie classic, we blend our spices in-house to achieve the perfect flavor balance. The result is simply delicious - the bold and smoky taste of Spanish Chorizo has a wonderfully spicy kick, and its firm, dry texture is a favorite among charcuterie lovers. Serve it on a charcuterie board or as a flavorful addition to paella, stews, and other Spanish dishes.